Point of sale

Shopping trolley media


Point of sale

Shopping trolley media

Our POS media offers exposure to 278 million shopping trips every 4 weeks across the top 3 supermarkets in the UK: Asda, Sainsbury’s & Tesco.

Your advert will achieve multiple impacts whether it’s a stand-alone campaign or been seamlessly integrated with other media channels. With the ability to direct consumers to a particular aisle, our media successfully increases product sales and is ideal for NPDs and timely or promotional offers.



Media travels with the shopper for an average of 45minutes

A top 100 store campaign delivers over 140 million impacts per month

Influence the 76% of purchasing decisions that are made in store

Achieve 140 million impacts every 4 weeks

National, regional or bespoke packages

Campaign runs for 4 weeks


Largest POS network in the UK

Targeted media formats matched to specific shopping missions and demographics

NFC enabled

Capacity to run flexible & tailored campaigns


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