Happy December!

As we can now officially get into the Christmas spirit we wanted to share some of our favourite festive campaigns so far. Our Point of Sale and Retail Park networks offer advertisers the opportunity to reach millions of shoppers across the UK's busiest shopping destinations in the run up to Christmas.

Mondelez are running a fabulous seasonal campaign on our supermarket trolley network, reaching all those Christmas shoppers throughout December as they stock up on goodies!  The activity, running in Sainsbury's stores, drives shoppers to the confectionary aisle, and is the perfect way to increase awareness of new products.  

On our Retail Park network, Remington are running the perfect proximity campaign on our 6-sheet posters. Targeting an affluent audience in the mindset to spend money, the posters are located in direct proximity to shoppers before they enter Argos and Boots on busy UK retail parks. 

To get in touch about either of these networks, just give us a call on 0207 291 6200. 

Enjoy the start of the festivities!