Freshers’ 2019 is around the corner!

If you haven’t started thinking about your youth marketing strategy, NOW is the time.

Freshers’ is the biggest event in the youth marketing calendar. It takes place in September and October when universities across the UK welcome new and returning students. During this period, there is increased footfall across campuses, in particular in Students’ Unions, students are highly engaged and they are more likely to experiment with new brands. Check out some of last year’s campaigns below and for more on Freshers’, visit our blog.

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Advertising with Redbus Media

Making an impact on students can be tricky. At Redbus Media, we make reaching them easy. Our digital screens are located in prominent locations with high dwell times across Students’ Unions, making them unmissable to those who pass by.

  • We own the largest student advertising digital 6-sheet network in the UK.

  • Our network comprises more than 330 Full HD portrait D6s across 85 university campuses.

  • Our screens support dynamic and interactive content that can be integrated with other media channels.

  • We target a traditionally hard to reach student audience in high traffic destinations.

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