Eighteen-24 is the UK's largest on-campus student advertising network, enabling brands to reach two-thirds of the UK student population. 

Student advertising

  • The largest student advertising digital 6-sheet network in the UK.  

  • More than 330 Full HD portrait D6s across 85 university campuses. 

  • Run live and visually arresting content integrated with other media channels. 

  • Delivers a traditionally hard to reach student audience in high dwell time destinations within student unions.

  • 47% of 18-24s admit to using ad-blockers, and as light viewers of traditional TV, on-campus student advertising is an effective, and necessary way to reach this audience. 

  • 18-24s have a combined annual spending power of £30 billion.

We have worked with Redbus for several years to support launches of Sony’s youth orientated handsets. The university poster sites are highly effective in reaching the 18-24 year old audience interested in new technology and latest fashions.
— James Gardner, Group Account Director, Kinetic

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