Welcome Luke Berry!


Welcome Luke Berry!

Please welcome Luke Berry to Redbus!

We’re really excited to announce that we have a new member on the Redbus team! Luke Berry, has joined us as an Account Director and will be selling Redbus’s media networks - Point of Sale, Eighteen-24, Retail Parks and Youth - to agencies including Mediacom, Wavemaker and UM and outdoor specialists including Kinetic and Rapport.

Redbus Sales Director Robbie MacAskill commented, ‘Luke joins Redbus at a really exciting time. Activity across all of our networks is strong and with Freshers’ just a few months away, we’re seeing lots of briefs coming in from brands looking to target students. We’re looking forward to a busy next few months and beyond!’

Luke was most recently at Tabletalk Media where he looked after national sales for the company’s range of media channels, which includes advertising in coffee shops, office buildings and pubs. His previous experience also includes working at influencer marketing and tech companies.

We asked Luke a few questions to get to know him a bit better. Here’s what he had to say:

What do you love most about advertising, and specifically out of home advertising?

I’ve always loved the way a really great ad has the ability to connect with an audience. If you think carefully about your message and creative, you can leave a lasting impression on a group of people – who will then hopefully convert into customers!

OOH is a really exciting space to work in right now. It’s one of the traditional media channels alongside TV and print, but it’s seeing growth while other types of media are stagnant. It’s a super effective way to engage with audiences due to advances in technology, and the sheer size of the canvas makes OOH ads unmissable.

What are some of your favourite ad campaigns, and why?

I’m a huge fan of when brands fully understand the customer journey and get campaigns right. Most recently I would say that UKTV advertising their comedy channel, Dave, got things spot on with their 2018 OOH strategy. They created funny and appealing content that left the customer feeling as though they weren’t being sold to, making it an extremely effective way to stay memorable.

Another fine example of this was when KFC ran out of chicken and reactively put out an apology in the Sun and the Metro with the tagline ‘FCK, We’re sorry’ turning a negative into a positive.

Finally, on a personal note, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a huge sports fan. I’ll watch any sport event from the Super Bowl to the darts and thoroughly enjoy both equally!

Want to get in touch with Luke?

Luke is based at our Berners Street, London office and can be reached on luke.berry@redbusmedia.com, 020 7291 6210 or LinkedIn.



Freshers’ – It’s Just Around the Corner!

It’s that time of year again – Freshers’ is upon us! It’s THE key event in the student marketing calendar and we always get excited for a new year of opportunities to connect brands with this valuable demographic.  

So, What is Freshers’?

Freshers’ is the period between September and October when universities welcome new students. It’s a time packed with events, opportunities to meet other students, to sign up for clubs and of course there’s lots of partying. It’s the first time students are away from home, the first time they’re making independent decisions and the first time they have the cash to act on these decisions. And with their loans kicking in, they have ample money to spend on things like fashion, going out, eating and drinking.

How Can Brands Get Involved?

Freshers’ has become a major opportunity for advertisers to get in front of an audience with strong spending power. Check out these facts:

  • 18-24s have an annual combined spending power of £23 billion (BAM)

  • The average monthly student spend is approximately £820 (National Student Money Survey)

  • 62% of students spend twice as much during Freshers’ compared to the rest of the term (The Beans Group)

In order to raise awareness of their products and services, brands advertise, host events, give away tons of freebies and offer discounts to students with the aim of establishing brand loyalty with this next generation of consumers.

How Redbus Can Help

We know 18-24s are particular when it comes to advertising. They’re more likely to install blockers and prefer ads that they can skip. Research also shows that outdoor is one of the most popular advertising formats amongst Gen Zers (Kantar Millward Brown), making Redbus’s network of on-campus digital screens the perfect solution. Here are some quick facts about the network:

  • We have 320 highly visible digital screens across 85 university campuses

  • We reach two-thirds of the UK student population

  • We work with top brands from FMCG, retail, telecoms, finance sector and beyond

  • We allow advertisers to run highly engaging content that can be integrated with other media channels

Opportunities beyond Freshers’

There are times to connect with the youth market beyond Freshers’ and maintaining a presence throughout the academic year is important. Key marketing opportunities include: 

January – ‘Refreshers’

Students are back at uni after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and are ready to get back into the groove of student life. Some will be keen to party again now that they’re back with friends, while others will look to kick the New Year off on a healthy foot.

April – Students receive another loan instalment

Students are ready to spend again. Spring is in the air…they’ve just received a fresh instalment of cash and will be thinking of planning holidays and how to enjoy the summer.

May/June – End of year celebrations

The academic year is nearing its end and students are ready to celebrate!

Want to learn more? Get in touch for more information about how Redbus can help you achieve your marketing goals. We’re just an email or phone call away.

Redbus Media – 020 7291 6200 or sales@redbusmedia.com