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Hello. We’re Redbus.


Hello. We’re Redbus.


Redbus Media Group operates several highly targeted destination-based Out of Home networks. We work with the UK's leading agencies and brands to deliver effective and flexible advertising campaigns.

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Our Media

Our Media



  • The UK's only trolley advertising network.

  • In-store advertising covering the UK's largest supermarkets - Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

  • Enables brands to be present throughout the entire shopping journey, from car park to check out.

  • Results in multiple impacts at the critical point of purchase.


  • The UK's largest on-campus digital student advertising network.

  • More than 330 Full HD D6s across 85 UK university campuses.

  • Reaches a student audience in high dwell time and heavy footfall locations in university students’ unions.

  • A destination media network enabling advertisers to access a traditionally hard to reach audience with zero wastage.


  • The UK's leading retail park advertising network.

  • 1000 6-sheet posters directly positioned in proximity to retailers and leisure outlets across 150 parks.

  • Reaches 22 million shoppers every 2 weeks.

  • Target specific retailers, with the opportunity for both national and regional campaigns.


  • A highly targeted youth advertising network of 4 and 6-sheet posters and D6s in 50 colleges.

  • Offering advertisers access to a traditionally hard to reach and niche audience of 16-19 year olds.

  • Media located in high dwell time social spaces within the college campuses.

  • Flexibility for bespoke shorter-term regional activity, as well as strategic longer term campaigns.